OBD Device - Self install vehicle tracking

The radius telematics OBD tracking device is low maintenance tracking that can be installed within minutes.

All plans include
  • OBD tracker device
  • Set-up and activation
  • Cancel anytime
  • Device warranty
  • Simple, easy to use web platform
  • Easy self-install
  • Live vehicle location
  • Journey history
  • Monitor driver speeds

Payment & Security

12 month
1 x OBD vehicle tracking
(Prices include VAT)
(inc. VAT)

How does it work?

The OBD device is easy to install within minutes.

  1. You can download the app or use your browser. Connect the device to the OBD port on your vehicle.

  2. Your data is highly secure. It is transmitted by satellite and stored in our secure cloud servers for 30 days. After that it is deleted, so download anything you want to keep.

  3. Your OBD device is under guarantee the whole time you subscribe to our service.