atom - easily installed vehicle tracking

Portable and easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle, the Kinesis atom is easily installed and requires no technical knowledge. Simply attach to your battery terminals in minutes and you are ready to go.

  • Kinesis atom tracker device
  • Set-up and activation
  • Cancel anytime
  • Device warranty
  • Simple, easy to use web platform
  • Self-install within minutes
  • Live vehicle location
  • Journey history
  • Monitor driver speeds
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See how the atom works and how it can help you manage your fleet.

You can see exactly where your vehicles are, and keep track of how efficiently each driver is working!

Use it with your computer or even on your mobile phone. The app and alerts system means you can manage your fleet from anywhere.

With different plans to suit you, the Kinesis atom provides outstanding value for your business.

Ready to install in minutes

We called it the atom because it’s tiny, nimble and versatile.

Fit its two wires to your car battery in minutes. Watch our video to see how. Log in to the user-friendly software or download the app. You’re ready to go!

The atom sends power loss alerts from the car battery, so you know immediately if it has been disconnected from the vehicle which helps to ensure you’re always getting the insight that you need.

Tracking your fleet the easy way

The atom sends a non-stop GPS signal to locate each vehicle. The software is easy to use – everything is just one click away.

  • See all your vehicles on a map. Easily pick which driver to send to the next job and tell your customers what time they will arrive!

  • Click on any vehicle for details of where it has been for the last 30 days. You can find how long each driver’s stops have taken.

  • Find out if they broke the speed limit. If you discourage this bad habit you can save fuel and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

All the insight you need at the click of a button

Summary statistics make your fleet information easy to digest. You can choose any of our ready-made up app notifications or emails alerts, too.

  • Get alerts if vehicles are used outside working hours. Clamp down on unauthorised use of your fleet!

  • Set up “geofences” by drawing areas on the map, and get alerts if your vehicles go outside of them.

  • Do any of your drivers have points on their licenses? Get alerts of they go over the speed limit and make sure they don’t bump up your insurance premium next year.

A company you can depend on

Atom is supplied by Radius Payment Solutions, a global group founded 30 years ago and based in Crewe. Radius is a £2.5 billion company that operates in 25 different countries.

Our story began in 1990 when Bill Holmes set up a fuel card company in the north of England named UK Fuels. We now frequently appear in the Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100 list and have 27 offices locations across 15 countries.

As well as telematics, we supply fuel cards, insurance, telecoms and corporate charge cards.

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